Welcome to Bliss Media Studio’s Atlassian Solutions, where our mission is to elevate your experience with the Atlassian toolkit to new heights! Our professional services are intricately tailored to enhance the value and benefits of your investments in Atlassian products. Let’s embark on a journey together to maximize the potential of your Atlassian tools and ensure they seamlessly align with your unique business objectives.


Embrace Agile Excellence with Jira Software

Explore the capabilities of Jira Software, the industry-leading tool preferred by Agile teams globally. Streamline your workflow effortlessly using robust Agile boards, fostering efficiency and collaboration among your teams. Leverage the power of roadmaps for comprehensive visibility and contextual understanding, ensuring agile and aligned progress towards overarching goals.

Bliss Media Studio will get you up and running with custom reports and dashboards, delivering essential insights to elevate Agile practices within your organization. Empower your teams for success with a tool meticulously designed to facilitate learning, continuous improvement, and the achievement of Agile excellence.

JIRA Work Management

At Bliss Media Studio, we understand the unique needs of business team project management, and that’s why we recommend Jira Work Management. This tailored solution enables the seamless coordination of large-scale initiatives, deliverables, and timelines for your business teams. Experience elevated collaboration and efficiency within your organization by embracing the comprehensive Atlassian Work Management solution.


Elevate your collaborative efforts with Confluence, the centralized hub that organizes your work, facilitates document creation, and fosters discussions all in one place. Experience streamlined collaboration and enhanced efficiency with Confluence, committed to optimizing your work processes.


Our dedicated team specializes in expert application administration, offering comprehensive ongoing support for a range of Atlassian products, including Jira and Confluence. Whether you’re facing the challenge of archiving millions of Jira issues or navigating through Confluence pages cluttered with too many macros, we’ve got the expertise to handle it all. Count on us to deliver tailored solutions that precisely meet your unique requirements, ensuring seamless and efficient management of your Atlassian Stack.


At Bliss Media Studio, unlock the full potential of your Atlassian Stack with our specialized best practices advice. Our seasoned Atlassian consulting team is prepared to apply its wealth of experience to optimize the management of your Atlassian Stack. Having navigated and resolved a diverse range of challenges, let us analyze your system today to streamline processes, benefiting both your technical and non-technical teams.

Workflow Design & Optimization

We collaborate with you to design and optimize workflows that align seamlessly with your business processes, empowering your teams to work more efficiently and concentrate on their core tasks. Through the streamlining and automation of workflows, we ensure that your team can effectively manage and track projects, issues, and tasks.

User Experience & Adoption

Elevate the user experience and drive adoption with intuitive interfaces and streamlined processes. Our consultants specialize in tailoring your Atlassian tools to your users’ needs, cultivating a positive experience and encouraging widespread adoption throughout your organization.

App & Integration Selection

Maximize the value of your Atlassian tools by selecting the right apps and integrations. Our consultants will identify the most suitable add-ons and integrations for your specific needs, ensuring seamless collaboration and enhanced functionality across your Atlassian suite.


Introduction Meeting

Meet with to discuss your needs and start your journey towards unlocking the full potential of Atlassian tools for your organization.


  • 15 minute meeting



Get personalized 1-on-1 advice on scoping, planning, or optimizing your Atlassian stack. Use this call to discuss any specific issues or questions you have.

Starting at 


  • 30 minute meeting



Purchase a preset amount of hours per month for our services. Unlike traditional retainers, payment is made through UpWork after you’ve approved the work completed in the month. The more time you book with us, the better the value!

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  • 40 hour workload per month, up to 10 hours per week, of top-rated management services


Client Testimonials

Jessica’s been a dream to work with. She’s an expert and a great communicator and has been able to guide our team to help us reach our goals for a complex and lengthy project. Couldn’t recommend more.

Confluence Build Out

Thank you, again, for all your help with Confluence.  Your expertise and guidance has been invaluable. Not only were you instrumental in helping us navigate the world of Atlassian and Confluence, you did so much of the heavy lifting that we neither had the knowledge or time to do ourselves. And in doing so, you set us up with lots of templates and guides we have and will continue to use as our foundation going forward. All that topped off with an endearing, kind, collaborative and fun-loving demeanor. We truly could not have been more fortunate to have you join us on our Confluence journey.

Happy Customer
Confluence Build Out

Excellent knowledge. Will continue to use Jessica.

Happy Customer
Jira Configuration