In the fast-paced construction industry, efficiency, reliability, and collaboration are paramount. Bliss Media Studio, leveraging Atlassian tools, offers customized solutions for builders, suppliers, and construction firms, ensuring your projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest standards. Our services include:

  • Streamlined Project Management: Implementing tools for clear task tracking and deadline management, ensuring projects progress smoothly from planning to completion.
  • Enhanced Communication: Facilitating real-time collaboration between on-site teams and office staff to quickly address issues and make informed decisions.
  • Document Control: Centralizing project documents, plans, and compliance records in a single repository for easy access and updates.
  • Custom Construction Solutions: Tailoring Atlassian tools to fit the unique needs of the construction sector, from small projects to large-scale developments.

Empower your construction projects with Bliss Media Studio. Schedule a free introductory meeting to explore custom solutions that meet your specific challenges and objectives.

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Strategic Atlassian Solutions

Atlassian Confluence


Maintain comprehensive and up-to-date project documentation accessible to all stakeholders. Confluence serves as a collaborative space for project plans, safety protocols, and progress reports, ensuring everyone is aligned and informed.

Atlassian Jira Software


Adapt agile methodologies to construction management with Jira Software. Manage tasks, track progress, and adjust project timelines swiftly, ensuring agility and flexibility in responding to onsite challenges and changes.  

Atlassian Jira Service Management


Optimize request management for maintenance, IT, and support services within your construction firm. Jira Service Management ensures requests are efficiently logged, assigned, and resolved, minimizing downtime and improving operational efficiency.

Atlassian Jira Product Discovery


Keep administrative tasks, from HR processes to procurement, neatly organized and transparent. Jira Work Management enables clear task allocation and updates, ensuring smooth operation behind the scenes of construction projects.

Atlassian Jira Work Management


Stay ahead in adopting new construction technologies and methodologies. Jira Product Discovery facilitates the brainstorming, prioritization, and validation of innovative construction solutions, ensuring your projects leverage cutting-edge practices.

Custom Solutions

Let Bliss Media Studio be your guide in integrating Atlassian’s suite to streamline your construction operations, enhance team collaboration, and drive project success. 

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At Bliss Media Studio, we’re providing a partnership that helps unlock your organization’s full potential. Our expertise in implementing and managing enterprise-grade Atlassian solutions ensures that your projects achieve unparalleled efficiency and collaboration. 

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We leverage Atlassian tools to bring your brightest ideas to life, transforming visions into reality with agility and precision.


Our project and product management approach with Atlassian’s suite is grounded in analytical rigor, ensuring every decision advances your goals.


As pioneers in the digital transformation space, we use Atlassian solutions to design forward-thinking strategies that set you apart.


With meticulous planning and Atlassian’s powerful platforms, we tailor your digital infrastructure for optimal impact, aligning closely with your long-term vision.


Our expertise in integrating Jira, Confluence, and other Atlassian products into your operations guarantees a harmonious workflow, enhancing efficiency and collaboration.

Consulting Packages

Unlock the potential of your business with our tailored consulting packages. Designed to navigate the complexities of Atlassian tools and project management, our services cater to organizations across various industries. Whether your focus is on streamlining workflows, enhancing team collaboration, or driving project success, we provide the flexibility, expertise, and dedicated support you need.



per month

  • Gain up to 10 hours per week of expert management services, customized to efficiently support your project and tool management needs.
  • Billed Monthly: Enjoy a flexible, monthly support structure that aligns with your project demands.

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per month

  • Access up to 15 hours per week of dedicated consulting, offering comprehensive support and strategic guidance to elevate your projects.
  • Billed Monthly: An enhanced support level ensures your team’s ongoing development and project advancements.  

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per month

  • Benefit from up to 20 hours per week of our most extensive management services, ideal for teams determined to maximize project results and tool efficacy.
  • Billed Monthly: Our premier consulting package provides support for achieving ambitious project goals.

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per hour

Flexible Support

  • Our hourly consulting option provides the expertise of our top-rated consultants, billed by the hour for ultimate flexibility.
  • Billed by the hour


Maximizing Your Investment with Consulting Packages

Discover the streamlined process to leverage Bliss Media Studio’s consulting expertise alongside your organizational goals. Our consulting services aren’t just about support; they’re a strategic advantage. By partnering with us, you tap into years of expertise and a commitment to aligning Atlassian tools with your business goals for unmatched productivity and efficiency. Here’s a straightforward guide to engaging with our consulting services:


Explore Our Offerings

Kickstart your journey by exploring the range of consulting packages we offer. Each package is designed to cater to different levels of support and strategic guidance your organization might need.


Schedule a Consultation

Initiate the process by scheduling a free introductory meeting with us. This step involves no obligations or commitments. It’s an opportunity for us to understand your challenges and objectives better.

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Tailored Consulting Plan

After the consultation, we’ll craft a personalized consulting plan that aligns with your specific needs, including detailed information on the scope, timelines, and outcomes you can expect.


Review and Decide

Once you’re ready to proceed, we’ll finalize the engagement details, including any necessary paperwork, and set the stage for a productive partnership.


Engagement Agreement

Once you’re ready to proceed, we’ll finalize the engagement details, including any necessary paperwork, and set the stage for a productive partnership.


Start Transforming Your Operations

With everything in place, we’ll begin the consulting engagement, working closely with your team to implement the strategies and solutions designed to elevate your business operations.

Terms and Conditions

  • Our consulting services are billed monthly, starting from the effective date of the agreement.
  • We require readiness to commence the consulting engagement within 15 days from the effective date to ensure efficiency.
  • A holding fee applies for projects paused for more than 30 days or not initiated as scheduled.
  • Services not commenced within one year from the effective date will expire, with fees retained by Bliss Media Studio.
  • Terms include conditions for postponements, cancellations, and deliverables acceptance to ensure a seamless and effective consulting experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of consulting services does Bliss Media Studio offer? A: We specialize in Atlassian tool implementation, customization, workflow optimization, and project management consulting. Our services are designed to enhance team collaboration and project success across various industries.

Q: How do I know which consulting package is right for my organization? A: During our free introductory meeting, we’ll discuss your specific needs, challenges, and goals to recommend the most suitable consulting package. Each package is tailored to different levels of organizational needs and strategic guidance.

Q: Can Bliss Media Studio help with Atlassian tool integration? A: Yes, part of our consulting services includes integrating Atlassian tools with your existing systems and software to ensure a seamless workflow and data exchange across platforms.

Q: What is included in the on-demand consulting service? A: Our on-demand service offers flexibility with access to our top-rated consultants billed by the hour. It’s ideal for specific, short-term needs or when you require expert advice on an ad-hoc basis.

Q: Are there any long-term commitments required for consulting services? A: Our consulting packages are billed monthly with no long-term commitments, offering you flexibility. You can adjust or cancel your package with prior notice according to the terms of our agreement.

Q: How does the consulting process work? A: After scheduling your free meeting and deciding to proceed, we’ll develop a tailored consulting plan, finalize engagement details, and begin transforming your operations based on the agreed scope and timelines.

Q: What happens if I need to pause or cancel my consulting service? A: We understand that plans can change. Our terms and conditions outline the process for pausing or canceling services, including any applicable holding fees for paused projects.

Q: How can I get started with Bliss Media Studio’s consulting services? A: Simply schedule a free introductory meeting with us to discuss your needs and learn more about how our services can benefit your organization. There’s no obligation or commitment required to start this conversation.

Need help selecting your package?

We will happily guide you through our packages and solutions, working together to determine the best fit for you and your needs.

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