A Strategic Investment

At Bliss Media Studio, we recognize that Atlassian tools are more than just software; they are a strategic investment towards innovation and efficiency in your enterprise. Our tailored license management solutions ensure that your journey with Atlassian products—from acquisition, expansion, renewal, to optimization—is seamless and strategically aligned with your business objectives.

Your benefits when purchasing licenses WITH BLISS MEDIA STUDIO


Comprehensive License Management

Stay ahead with our proactive license overview service, tracking expiration dates, managing renewals, and consolidating licenses for simplicity and alignment with your operational timeline.


Dedicated Support and Consulting

Access our expert team for personalized support and specialized consulting services, ensuring you maximize the value of your Atlassian products.


Strategic License Optimization

Our analysis identifies opportunities to streamline your license and app portfolio, guiding you toward cost reduction and identifying the most advantageous licensing options for your needs.


Tailored Licensing Solutions

We dive deep into your specific context to recommend the optimal licensing structure, supporting your transition to Atlassian Cloud with a strategy that fits your enterprise perfectly.


Insider Insights and Continuous Improvement

Stay informed on the latest product updates, pricing changes, and best practices. We regularly review your tool usage to offer actionable insights for enhancing productivity and optimizing your investment. 


Preferential Pricing and Offers

As Solution Partners, we have the leverage to negotiate favorable pricing, ensuring you receive competitive rates and special offers on your Atlassian licenses, maximizing your budget efficiency.

Atlassian License Management FAQs

Unlock the strategic value of your Atlassian licenses with Bliss Media Studio. Navigate through the licensing landscape with ease, thanks to our expert guidance and dedicated support. Below are some frequently asked questions to help you make informed decisions about your Atlassian licensing needs:

Can Bliss Media Studio help determine the right types of licenses for my company?

Absolutely! Our team of Atlassian experts is ready to help you navigate the myriad options available, ensuring you select the best products, deployment methods, licensing tiers, and Marketplace apps to meet your business objectives. We also provide access to invaluable resources to further your understanding.

What are the benefits of using Bliss Media Studio’s Atlassian Licensing Services?

Working with Bliss Media Studio, an Atlassian Solution Partner, brings numerous advantages, including:

  • Expert advice on tool and app selection.
  • Guidance on deployment methods and license quantities.
  • Simplified administrative and purchasing processes.
  • Net 30 invoicing terms.
  • License renewal reminders and co-terming services.
  • Early notifications of pricing changes.
  • Access to a convenient license portal for easy quote requests.

We aim to build a lasting partnership, offering these services at no additional cost to bring you greater value.

My procurement process requires a Purchase Order but Atlassian’s website asks for a credit card. Can Bliss Media Studio assist?

Yes, we understand the importance of complying with your procurement processes. While you can purchase directly from Atlassian using a PO, we streamline this process, accommodating Purchase Orders and payments via bank transfer or check, making the procurement of licenses hassle-free.

How can I manage licenses renewing at different times?

We specialize in co-terming, and synchronizing your Atlassian licenses and Marketplace apps to renew simultaneously. This service simplifies license management, saving you the time and hassle of tracking multiple renewal dates.

I’ve lost track of our company’s licenses. Can you help?

Certainly! It’s common for licenses to be managed by multiple individuals across departments. We offer asset management services, tracking all your licenses, ensuring timely renewals, and advising on any necessary changes, providing comprehensive reporting as needed.

Do I need to set up a trial to get a quote on Atlassian Cloud tools?

While setting up a domain and trial license is a prerequisite for a quote, we’re here to guide you through this process. The trial also offers a hands-on opportunity to evaluate the products before making a commitment.

Can I purchase a specific number of licenses, or am I restricted to tier levels?

For monthly payments, you can purchase the exact number of user seats and adjust monthly. Annual payments require purchasing a license tier, but this often presents a more cost-effective and flexible option. We’re happy to provide a quote tailored to your needs.

What discounts can Bliss Media Studio offer?

While Atlassian provides free plans for small teams and incentives for larger organizations, as well as special pricing for non-profits and educational institutions, our position as a Solution Partner allows us to negotiate favorable financial terms on your behalf. Our focus, however, remains on delivering exceptional value through our comprehensive services to support your goals.


At Bliss Media Studio, we’re providing a partnership that helps unlock your organization’s full potential. Our expertise in implementing and managing enterprise-grade Atlassian solutions ensures that your projects achieve unparalleled efficiency and collaboration. 

Connect with Bliss Media Studio and start redefining what’s possible for your business. 



We leverage Atlassian tools to bring your brightest ideas to life, transforming visions into reality with agility and precision.


Our project and product management approach with Atlassian’s suite is grounded in analytical rigor, ensuring every decision advances your goals.


As pioneers in the digital transformation space, we use Atlassian solutions to design forward-thinking strategies that set you apart.


With meticulous planning and Atlassian’s powerful platforms, we tailor your digital infrastructure for optimal impact, aligning closely with your long-term vision.


Our expertise in integrating Jira, Confluence, and other Atlassian products into your operations guarantees a harmonious workflow, enhancing efficiency and collaboration.