At Bliss Media Studio, we are your partners in crafting a future of digital excellence. With a decade of proven expertise, we bring bold solutions that inspire innovation, empower collaboration, and position your business for sustained growth. Discover the power of Bliss Media Studio, where every service is a step towards unlocking your organization’s full potential.

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Business Process Optimization: Streamline your business operations for maximum efficiency. We analyze your current processes, identify bottlenecks, and implement optimized workflows to enhance productivity.

Project Analysis: Ensure the success of your projects through thorough analysis. Our experts conduct in-depth assessments, considering project scope, requirements, and potential challenges, providing you with a strategic roadmap for success.

Roadmap Development: Craft a clear path for your organization’s future. We work with you to develop comprehensive roadmaps, aligning your business goals with actionable plans, ensuring a strategic and well-defined journey toward success.


Application Modernization: Revitalize your applications to meet the demands of today’s dynamic business landscape. Our experts guide you through the modernization process, ensuring your applications are up-to-date, scalable, and aligned with industry best practices.

Agile Development: Our Agile development services empower your teams to adapt to changing requirements, deliver high-quality products incrementally, and foster collaboration for faster and more efficient development.

Requirements Management: Ensure the success of your projects from the start. We help you define, document, and manage requirements effectively, ensuring clear communication between stakeholders and providing a solid foundation for successful product development.


Program, Portfolio & Project Management: Achieve project success with our comprehensive management services. From overseeing individual projects to managing entire portfolios, we ensure strategic alignment, efficient execution, and successful delivery.

Strategic Alignment: Align your projects and initiatives with your organization’s overarching strategy. Our strategic alignment services help you define clear objectives, prioritize initiatives, and ensure that every project contributes to your long-term business goals.

Project Workflow Management: Streamline and optimize your project workflows with our expert guidance. We provide tailored solutions for project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closure. 


Implementations, Migrations, and Integrations: Navigate transitions effortlessly with our deployment services. From software implementations and integrations to comprehensive software development support, we guide you through the entire process, ensuring a smooth shift to new systems and technologies.

Software Development: Elevate your digital capabilities with our expert software development services. From conceptualization to execution, we offer comprehensive support throughout the development lifecycle. 

Scrum Master: Unlock the full potential of Agile methodologies with our dedicated Scrum Master services. From sprint planning to retrospective, our Scrum Masters guide your teams through every phase, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and achieving project excellence. 


Tooling and Configuration: Fine-tune your operations with our tooling and configuration services. We optimize your digital tools, ensuring they align perfectly with your business needs, enhancing efficiency and driving productivity.

Business Process Best Practices: Streamline your workflows with our expertise in business process best practices. We analyze, refine, and implement strategies that optimize your processes, improving overall efficiency and ensuring best-in-class practices.

Coaching: Empower your teams with our coaching services. Our experienced coaches provide guidance, training, and support to enhance skills, boost productivity, and foster a culture of continuous improvement within your organization. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your teams and drive sustainable success.


Confluence Intranets and Knowledge Hub: Revolutionize your internal communication and collaboration with our Confluence Intranets and Knowledge Hub services. We design and implement tailored solutions that centralize information, streamline communication, and enhance knowledge sharing within your organization.

Jira Work Management: Optimize your project and task management with our Jira Work Management services. From setup to customization, we ensure your Jira instance aligns seamlessly with your operational needs, empowering teams to work collaboratively and efficiently.

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Introduction Meeting

Meet with us to discuss your project needs and ensure alignment with our skills and capabilities. This introductory call is designed to establish if we’re the right fit for your project.


  • 15 minute meeting



Get personalized 1-on-1 advice on scoping, planning, or optimizing your project. Use this call to discuss any specific issues or questions you have, including Atlassian solutions.

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  • 30 minute meeting



Purchase a preset amount of hours per month for our services. Unlike traditional retainers, payment is made through UpWork after you’ve approved the work completed in the month. The more time you book with us, the better the value!

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  • 40 hour workload per month, up to 10 hours per week, of top-rated management services



Bliss Media Studio is your comprehensive consulting partner, founded and led by a seasoned co-founder with 15+ years of expertise. We offer end-to-end services spanning project, product, and program management, leveraging a unique blend of IT proficiency and business strategy insight. Our hands-on approach, backed by an MBA, guides clients seamlessly from conceptualization to development specifications. With a focus on quality assurance, we actively contribute to successful launches of new sites, products, and features. Specializing in software implementation and integration, we excel in architecting enterprise Jira and Confluence instances, scaled for over 500 users. Our approach involves detailed requirements analysis, process/platform consulting, and actionable recommendations, ensuring tailored solutions for Jira, Confluence, and team productivity optimization. At Bliss Media Studio, we are dedicated to transforming ideas into impactful and repeatable business successes.


Needs Assessment

We conduct initial meetings with our clients to understand their business challenges and goals..


Problem Identification and RECOMMENDATIONS

Through stakeholder interviews and system analysis we Identify key issues and bottlenecks affecting the client’s business performance. We then brainstorm creative solutions and strategies to address identified challenges and recommendations to implement.


Strategy Implementation And Knowledge Transfer

Assist the client in implementing the recommended strategies and action plan. Share best practices, insights, and industry trends with the client. 


Continuous Improvement And Maintainence

Evaluate the outcomes of the consulting engagement and gather client feedback. Maintain ongoing communication and relationships with clients to continually improve implemented solution.

Client Testimonials

Jessica’s been a dream to work with. She’s an expert and a great communicator and has been able to guide our team to help us reach our goals for a complex and lengthy project. Couldn’t recommend more.

Confluence Build Out

Thank you, again, for all your help with Confluence.  Your expertise and guidance has been invaluable. Not only were you instrumental in helping us navigate the world of Atlassian and Confluence, you did so much of the heavy lifting that we neither had the knowledge or time to do ourselves. And in doing so, you set us up with lots of templates and guides we have and will continue to use as our foundation going forward. All that topped off with an endearing, kind, collaborative and fun-loving demeanor. We truly could not have been more fortunate to have you join us on our Confluence journey.

Happy Customer
Confluence Build Out

Excellent knowledge. Will continue to use Jessica.

Happy Customer
Jira Configuration