Jessica created this website and designed every playbook to help teams to create strategies that work repeatedly and optimize them along the way. Playbooks cover project management practices, product development, agile, leadership and ways for teams to work together.


Project Brief

Name: Playbook web design project

About us: We create playbooks that are step-by-step guides to help teams to create strategies that work repeatedly and optimize them along the way. Playbooks cover project management practices, product development, agile, leadership and ways for teams to work together .

What do we need?: We need a website for our digital product that is engaging and easy to search.

Why do we need it?: We’re looking for a digital channel to deliver content and generate a community that will drive revenue for our company.

Our vision for the project: As a new concept and product for our company, we need a web designer to start completely from scratch. The web design needs to showcase our passion for playbooks, whilst fitting in with the sophisticated, professional aspect of the industry. The website should draw in our target audience – we’re looking for something fun and contemporary, yet trendy and sleek at the same time. 



Create a brand and community identity around playbooks and practitioners. We will build the website on a platform that provides a content management system, e-commerce online store option, and is mobile responsive, 



Our initial discussions were all about getting our arms around the vision. From there we planned a roadmap, then we chose the best technology for the application, in this project the platform chosen was WordPress. Lastly, we established timelines, and assigned the best team members to the project.



We started with mock-ups that captured the website’s look and feel. We designed every aspect with the users’ needs front and center, we designed eye-catching, intuitive interfaces that reinforces the brand, builds loyalty, and drives growth.



Theory translated into practice when we built the solution and its systems, security protocols, permissions, integrations, and features.



We performed an array of tests to ensure that our solution was stable and secure. We generally used real devices rather than emulators to gather and analyze feedback from test users.



Innovation has no finish line. After we delivered the solution, we performed updates and managed scheduled maintenance.


The URL for the website is creating an opportunity to build a community aspect to the website by including the Ninja in the logo as well as the brand. I used the images to give a visual clue to the purpose of the website. To keep it fun, changed the “Ninja” font to Alvida using a free online editor tool,, to keep project costs down. 

The images are free use images that are attributed in the footer of the website. We use to find high quality icons at little or no cost.



The site is built on the WordPress platform using a BoldGrid theme. This was our first time using the reusable blocks, cutting our design time down from days to hours. We also created templates for the plays, so that the content creator(s) could quickly produce playbook content that followed the site brand and user experience. 

We also implemented several plug-ins that automated social media posting of playbook content. 


Jessica Fergus

Owner & Principal Consultant

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