Jessica and Jeremy designed, built and hosted a Beetlejuice inspired Halloween engagement party. One way of making an engagement party special is by creating a theme or unique experience, and this one delivered on both! LOTS of details went into this Halloween environment!  


Project Brief

Name: Beetlejuice Engagement Party

About us: We are a couple that loves Halloween and Beetlejuice is my (her) favorite movie. We are a fun couple that isn’t afraid to do things differently. 

What do we need?:  A way to celebrate with our family and friends of our recent engagement. We want it to be casual so that everyone will feel comfortable chatting and getting to know each other better.  

Why do we need it?: We want the bride’s close family and friends and the groom’s close family and friends to meet and celebrate!

Our vision for the project: On a tight budget maximize event décor and theme design. Create an event to die for!


We  love planning events, spoiling our friends and overall, we’re always looking for a reason to celebrate. So when my sister got engaged, we couldn’t wait to throw her a party! I also love the movie and theme so this was a treat! We wanted to keep the costs manageable, so we got on our crafty hats and created all the large pieces (see below). 



We hosted this party at our home, so we had lots of ability to mock-up ideas and try different designs to find the one that worked the best. We didn’t know how the weather was going to hold out (it can snow here in Utah on Halloween or be in the high 70s) so we had to plan for an indoor party as well as an outdoor. We knew it was going to be all about the details!



The color palette was based on the movie and theme. The vibrant purple and green made all the décor pop and gave a splash of color for all the black and white striped backdrops.



This is a DIY project! We build the large items that really created a theme vibe and used supplies that were bought at the Dollar Store and Home Depot. It took longer than planned to get them to the level of quality we wanted but in the end the long nights and weekends paid off.



We used white and black contrast against the pops of green and purple, this kept the event décor elevated and set the tone for an engagement party without making it to cartoonish or childlike. 



From start to finish this project was complete in 27 days. The budget stayed manageable and especially for an engagement party, which can cost thousands dependent on venue. We saved money by hosting it at our home and lots of DIY projects. See the bottom of this post for a break-down of costs.


The entire party was inspired by the dinner party scene from the movie Beetlejuice. We had to recreate the high end vibe that would be suitable for an engagement party but all the fun of a Halloween party! 


Table-setting, or tablescaping, is an activity involving the setting of themed dining tables in artful, decorative ways for social events. We converted the formal dinning table to a elegant Beetlejuice themed table setting. We used black slip chair covers and a two black and white table runners. The green vases we already owned but changed out the flowers to funky black and white lilies. Purple fairy lights were the perfect touch in creating a Halloween vibe.




We purposely made the entry way narrow and where both food stations are located. By creating a smaller passage way, it will force people to “bump” into each other and make contact. This is a good way to create conversation for people who may not know each other. It worked! All evening people would gather around the food tables and strike up conversation with other guests. Also nothing says a party like a balloon arch. Using high end balloons ensured a more adult vibe.




This was probably my favorite part of the project. From the movie we wanted to recreate Delia Deetz “art” sculptures and use them for our photo backdrop. The guests loved them and all night were taking various group pictures on the chair. We used an old wood dining chair as the base that we were no longer using and built the shape from supplies that we bought at the Dollar Store. We finished the sculpture with plaster and shredded up newspaper. Lastly we painted it with some Oops paint we picked up at Home Depot and some dry brush techniques to give it a bronzed look. After the party we sold this piece to a local haunted house. Excited to see our creation live on!




The sand worm is over 10′ tall! So we knew that the Betelgeuse sign had to be huge to match the scale. We picked up a 8’x4′ piece of foam core from Home Depot, a couple cans of spray paint and went to work. We used some string lights to give it an old school sign vibe and then created a hanging structure on the back so that it was sturdy enough for wind and outdoor weather but still light enough to hang. 





This Halloween dinner party was in honor of a couple who took the “‘til death us do part” portion of their vows to the next level! Their eternal love goes on! We had so much fun putting this party together and the best part is celebrating this cute couple! We had so much fun. 

It looks amazing! Fun theme!!!

Elegance with a touch of goth.



Every project is different but to get an idea of what a project like this might cost here is our break-down:

Tablescape ~ $150

Entry ~ $350

Beetlejuice Sign & Outdoor ~ $250


Although we did this as a gift for my sister, it would cost to hire out, on average from $60 to $80 per hour to or a total average cost of $700 to $1,000—not including decorations—for most parties.





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